Thank you for taking the DTP-Leadership Group Habitual Behavior Self-Assessment.

We think you will be very glad you took the assessment. We know the information we are providing you will allow you to make significant changes. Due to our years of experience and knowledge gained from studying groups of habitual behaviors, we can share the impact of these habitual patterns with you.

A more thorough discussion of the individual items and the behavior groups is included in your Report, which provides scores you gave yourself (individual item scores) along with the totals of each behavior group. There are 17 behavior groups on the assessment. Please look at the total of each behavior group. If the total score for the group is 11 or less, you can ignore that behavior group. If the total group score is 12 or above, you need to pay attention to these behavior groups. The highest total score for a behavior group is 35. The comments on each behavior group will help you assess what your report is telling you personally about your Habitual Behavior Self-Assessment.

Should we have the opportunity to work with you directly, the exceptional knowledge and training of the DTP-Leadership Group Facilitators will provide you more details on your assessment after you have thoroughly read it yourself. The facilitator can let you know the scoring process, which gives evidence when a habitual behavior group has moved from a habit to an addiction. They can give you examples of interactive behaviors from one behavioral group to another.

The facilitators can recommend significant action steps to change specific behavior patterns, which will add greater power and value to the solutions to changing behaviors. We encourage you to look at the online schedule at the end of this survey and sign up for a coaching session with one of the DTP-Leadership Group Facilitators.

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